What We Do.

Advocacy. Our extensive network and strong personal relationships at all levels of government and business help our clients communicate with decision makers and get a seat at the table.

Regulatory Expertise. Our clients look to us to provide insight, interpretation, and understanding of complex governmental regulations that directly impact their business. We stay up to date on any changes in the regulatory frameworks that impact our clients and utilize every opportunity to advocate for regulations that promote industry and growth.

Corporate Transactions. Our team has extensive experience reviewing and negotiating contracts, real estate agreements, and legal instruments to determine compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies.

Our Expertise


Regulatory Expertise

Corporate Transactions



We have represented the largest electricity generators in New England before state and federal agencies, as well as before the regional grid and wholesale market operator, ISO New England. In just one legislative session, we successfully passed legislation mandating utilities’ purchase of 1600 megawatts of offshore wind power over the next decade, bringing $7 billion of economic development and launching the offshore wind industry for the United States.


Financial Services.

Our experience includes leading Massachusetts’ oversight of the financial insurance, accountancy, brokerage, and investment industries. Through years of establishing relationships between the private and public sectors, we are uniquely positioned to understand and advocate for our clients in the financial services sector.


Health Care.

Our firm specializes in health care policy and regulation. We help our clients navigate the Commonwealth’s complex health care market including pharmaceutical and biotechnology policy, health care reform, provider transformation, scope of practice, mobile integrated healthcare, determination of need processes, and facility licensure.


Cannabis Policy.

Our firm has been working with cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs since medical marijuana was first legalized in Massachusetts in 2012. We have successful navigated dozens of businesses through the state’s medical and adult-use licensure process with over a hundred licenses attained across our client base. Our team’s combined experience results in a streamlined process that minimizes delay and allows our clients to respond to regulators quickly and efficiently. We continue to advocate for sensible government oversight at the state and local levels that balances the combined interests of our clients.


Transporation and Development.

Our team helped craft and advocate for statutory and regulatory frameworks that allow companies like Uber to operate and Wegmans Food Markets to expand its business and brand here in the Commonwealth. We have assisted real estate development companies and construction leaders with the improvement and redevelopment of areas in need of vital infrastructure and updates.

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